Old Buyers - ₱299 at Buy 1, Take 1
Terms: For anyone who has previously purchased any of our old Shampoo Bar formula,
you can purchase any of our new Shampoo / Conditioner Bars (Peach Honeysuckle, Sweet Tea & Hibiscus Mandarin Orange) for ₱299 at BUY 1, TAKE 1.

Make sure you add a minimum of 2 PCS (or 4, or 6, etc, as long as it's an even number so that the code will automatically subtract the other quantity) and then enter the code " B1T1LOYALBABE " upon checkout as the code will subtract the other bar. 

You can also purchase (1) New Formula Bar and (1) Old Formula Bar. This counts as a B1T1! The code will subtract the lesser value item. 

P.S: We have a record of all our orders, so if you have not previously purchased any of our old Hair Bar formula, please refrain from using the code above as we will double check every order! 

New Buyers - ₱199 / ₱100 off regular price
Terms: Haven't tried any of our new Shampoo Bars? No problem!

Just enter the code above upon checkout and get ₱100 off ANY/PER Shampoo Bar. 

Things To Note: 

Old Shampoo / Conditioner Bars are also valid for both promos. 

Please re-read everything to avoid confusion.

Promo ends Tuesday, October 16th. 

Two-day reservation only. 

Happy Shopping!


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